Main House Plays Listing

ntpdrama Main House play Listing

Below is a list of every production staged in the main house of the Concordia Theatre by ntpdrama (previously known as New Theatre Players) since the drama group formed in 1972.  We are in the process of building up an archive giving more details of each production.  Please click on those productions highlighted in pink for a more detailed description and gallery images.

Mar-2024     The Lady in the Van

Dec-2023     Sheila's Island

Sep-2023     The Shawshank Redemption

Mar-2023     The Vicar of Dibley

Dec-2022     The Murder Room

Sep-2022     The King's Speech

Mar-2022     April in Paris

Dec-2021     No Production (COVID)

Sep-2021     The Moon is Halfway to Heaven

Mar-2021     No Production - theatre closed

Dec-2020    No Production - theatre closed

Sep-2020    No Production - theatre closed

Mar-2020    Tom’s Midnight Garden

Dec-2019     What I Did At School Today

Sep-2019      Journey's End

Mar-2019      The 39 Steps

Dec-2018       Season’s Greetings

Sep-2018       Other Desert Cities

Mar-2018       The Vicar of Dibley

Dec-2017       It’s A Wonderful Life

Sep-2017       Rough Justice

Mar-2017       The Moon is Halfway to Heaven

Dec-2016       The Weir

Sep-2016       Darling Mr London

Mar-2016       The History Boys

Dec-2015       A Chorus of Disapproval

Sep-2015       The Ladykillers

Mar-2015       Shadowlands

Dec-2014       The Flint Street Nativity

Sep-2014       One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest

Mar-2014       What The Butler Saw

Dec-2013       The Railway Children

Sep-2013       Hi-de-Hi

Mar-2013       Calendar Girls

Dec-2012       The Vicar of Dibley

Sep-2012       Arsenic and Old Lace

Mar-2012       Frankenstein

Dec-2011       The Murder of Maria Marten

Sep-2011       Not Now Darling

Mar-2011       Curtain Up!

Dec-2010       Gym and Tonic

Sep-2010       Dick Barton Special Agent

Mar-2010       Wait Until Dark

Dec-2009       Mr and Mrs Nobody

Sep-2009       Move Over Mrs Markham

Mar-2009       The Sunshine Boys

Dec-2008       84 Charing Cross Road

Sep-2008       It Runs in the Family

Jun-2008       Laying The Ghost

Mar-2008       A Streetcar Named Desire

Dec-2007       Time and The Conways

Sep-2007       The Dresser

Jun-2007       No production.

Mar-2007       Great Expectations

Dec-2006       Double Double

Sep-2006       Brassed Off

Jun-2006       The Voice of the Prairie

Mar-2006       Double Double- 1 performance only. Production cancelled.

Dec-2005       The Memory of Water

Sep-2005       The Cemetery Club

Jun-2005       Fatal Encounter

Mar-2005       Piaf

Dec-2004       Dial ‘M’ for Murder

Sep-2004       Caught In The Net

Jun-2004       Are You Being Served?

Mar-2004       The Imaginary Invalid

Dec-2003       Anyone for Breakfast?

Sep-2003       House Guest

Jun-2003       No production.

Mar-2003       Nasty Neighbours

Dec-2002       Murder By The Book

Sep-2002       ‘ Allo ‘ Allo

Jun-2002       Do Not Disturb

Mar-2002       Romeo and Juliet

Dec-2001       Rope

Sep-2001       Two and Two Together

Jun-2001       Under The Stars

Mar-2001       The Entertainer

Dec-2000       Silhouette

Sep-2000       Bedside Manners

Jun-2000       Funny Money

Mar-2000       A View From The Bridge

Dec-1999       The Odd Couple

Sep-1999       Stepping Out

Jun-1999       Cards On The Table

Mar-1999       Out of Order

Dec-1998       The Accrington Pals

Sep-1998       Bare Necessities!

Jun-1998       A Murder is Announced

Mar-1998       Fish Out of Water

Dec-1997       Harvey

Sep-1997       Noises Off

Jun-1997       The Gingerbread Lady

Mar-1997       The Price

Dec-1996       The Edge of Darkness

Sep-1996       Two and Two Make Sex

Jun-1996       The Birthday Party

Mar-1996       A Toe in the Water

Dec-1995       Relatively Speaking

Sep-1995       Last Tango in Whitby

Jun-1995       Steel Magnolias

Mar-1995       The Day After The Fair

Dec-1994       Off The Hook

Sep-1994       Run For Your Wife

Jun-1994       Nightmare

Mar-1994       Come Blow Your Horn

Dec-1993       Macbeth

Sep-1993       The Innocents

Jun-1993       On Monday Next

Mar-1993       Gaslight

Dec-1992       A Bedfull of Foreigners

Sep-1992       Separation

Jun-1992       Ten Times Table

Mar-1992       The Business of Murder

Dec-1991       Lloyd George Knew My Father

Sep-1991       Charley’s Aunt

Jun-1991       On Golden Pond

Mar-1991       No Sex Please – We’re British

Dec-1990       The Lion In Winter

Sep-1990       A Chorus of Disapproval

Jun-1990       Winter Journey

Mar-1990       Educating Rita

Dec-1989       A Bit Between The Teeth

Sep-1989       Loot

Jun-1989       The Country Wife

Mar-1989       Plaza Suite

Dec-1988       Pack of Lies

Sep-1988       No production.

Jun-1988       No production.

Mar-1988       The Taming of the Shrew

Dec-1987       Season’s Greetings

Sep-1987       Sextet

Jun-1987       Separate Tables

Mar-1987       Deathtrap

Dec-1986       The Importance of Being Earnest

Sep-1986       Don’t Just Lie There, Say Something!

Jun-1986       Pygmalion

Mar-1986       Hay Fever

Dec-1985       The Winslow Boy

Sep-1985       The Secretary Bird

Jun-1985       Abigail’s Party

Mar-1985       Darling Mr London

Dec-1984       The Ghost Train

Sep-1984       The Unexpected Guest

Jun-1984       Bedroom Farce

Mar-1984       No Room For Love

Dec-1983       Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?

Sep-1983       The Rose Without A Thorn

Jun-1983       Suddenly At Home

Mar-1983       Absurd Person Singular

Dec-1982       My Three Angels

Sep-1982       Move Over Mrs Markham

Jun-1982       Blithe Spirit

Mar-1982       Tom Jones

Dec-1981       Rebecca

Sep-1981       Ladies in Retirement

Jun-1981       Love on the Dole

Mar-1981       Boeing Boeing

Dec-1980       Death Of A Salesman

Sep-1980       Wait Until Dark

Jun-1980       The Happiest Days of Your Life

Mar-1980       No production.

Dec-1979       Shop At Sly Corner

Sep-1979       Pools Paradise

Jun-1979       Inspector Hound / Black Comedy

Mar-1979       Party to Murder

Dec-1978       Twelfth Night

Sep-1978       No production.

Jun-1978       Caucasian Chalk Circle

Mar-1978       Who Saw Him Die?

Dec-1977       Baron Boligrew

Sep-1977       Bonaventure

Jun-1977       Children’s Day

Mar-1977       Habeus Corpus

Dec-1976       Hobsons Choice

Sep-1976       Man Most Likely To

Jun-1976       Midsummer Nights Dream

Mar-1976       Man For All Seasons

Dec-1975       When We Are Married

Sep-1975       Semi Detached

Jun-1975       Doctor In The House

Mar-1975       Ten Little Niggers

Dec-1974      Barefoot In The Park

Sep-1974       Dry Rot

Jun-1974       Much Ado About Nothing

Mar-1974       All Things Bright and Beautiful

Dec-1973       Who Killed Santa Clause?

Sep-1973       Not Now Darling

Jun-1973       No production.

Mar-1973       Arsenic and Old Lace

Dec-1972       Brush With A Body

Sep-1972       Spring and Port Wine