The Moon is Halfway to Heaven 2021

The Moon is Halfway to Heaven

By David Kerby-Kendall

September 2021

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This play was penned by ex Concordia Theatre man, David Kerby-Kendall who now writes for a living and has just published his second novel. Alongside that he has written many plays as well as the stage adaptations for most of David Walliams children books.

"When you die you stop off at the moon on the way to heaven to have lunch and wave goodbye to everyone on earth" This is seven year old Jamie's theory about dying. He still has the same theory at the ripe old age of 82! Spanning almost 80 years this is the uplifting, and very funny story of a lifetime friendship between two men from childhood through to their 80's. Sharing games as children, their troubled teen years, the war, marriage, love and retirement,

this sentimental play will warm your hearts and make you laugh in equal measure. Beautifully staged with video and music through the decades, it is performed by Lyndon Vaughan Prosser and James Ross.

After the events of the last year or so, never has a story about the enduring power of true friendship, and what that means to us all, been more fitting than it is today.

Here are some of the comments from our audience members back in 2017.

Staggering..performances were impeccable. A triumph for the cast and crew

I urge anyone who hasn't bought a ticket to go, you really don't want to miss this acting masterclass

I laughed, I cried and I was on my feet with the rest of the audience at the end


Jamie              Lyndon Vaughan Prosser

Paul                 James Ross



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